Choose your motorized tv stand

 motorized tv stand

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Ask yourself the right questions before buying your motorized TV stand:

1. Size of my TV screen

This question is very important, indeed you will have to choose a motorized TV stand which has a mounting bracket compatible in terms of screen size and (VESA standards), also choose a resistant bracket that has the necessary capacity to carry your screen.

Our suggestion: choose a support with a higher load capacity than yours, favor steel supports, avoid aluminum and plastic.

2. Place of installation 

According to an installation on the ground, in a cabinet where fixing to the wall. Check that the motorized tv stand you want to buy allows this installation mode.

Our suggestion: Choose a motorized support with wide base for stability, with multiple points of ground fixings and wall mountings as well. 

3. Quality

A large number of motorized TV stands are similar, with low prices. It is important to compare the materials, the source and the type of service offered: after-sales service and warranty.

Our suggestion: choose a motorized tv stand with an internal motor, protected by steel, avoid the external motor protected by plastic, at the slightest blow the motor may be damaged, dust residues may also hamper the proper functioning of the product. .

4. Control

How will I use my motorized TV mount? With remote control, control keyboard or not. 

Our suggestion: prefer systems with a control keypad and position memory, this is very practical your TV will automatically stop at the right height for perfect viewing.